Happy Anniversary Ciao Chow Bambina!

I don’t normally post on Sunday but today is a very special day!

CCB 2 Year Anniversary

We’re celebrating Ciao Chow Bambina’s two year anniversary and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’d like to say that it’s hard for me to choose the aspect of this adventure that is my favorite, but it’s really not difficult at all…

My favorite part? YOU!

Thank you for stopping by with a kind word, a new idea or a thumbs up. Whether it’s the blog or any other social media platform that we connect through – whether you’ve learned from me or I from you – whether you’re a fellow blogger, a member of our family, an old or a new friend…you inspire me everyday… I’ve even acquired a few soul sisters along the way. The experience of being part of this community is priceless.

I thank you!

Dom and I had the beautiful fortune of spending time with our three kids this past weekend as we have so much to celebrate. April is a big month in our house (as you’ll soon discover). A couple birthdays and now a couple anniversaries, too. With a celebratory meal along with gifts that were exchanged Friday evening, there was a new gift added to our usual repertoire…Lucy created this poster with its celebratory design that includes some of her favorite quotes from Ciao Chow over the past two years… I love it! Thank you, Sweeta!

I’ll be back on Wednesday to do some more celebrating…it’s Dom’s birthday!

Until then, Buon Appetito, my friends…